MiniPLOT Features
  • QUANTITY: 50 sheets of 3x3 inch Graph Paper per Pad
  • USES: Graphing Math Homework, Taking Tests, Taking Notes in Class, Creating Tests, Grading Homework
  • SAVES: Time, Frustration & Tedium
  • FEATURES: MiniPLOTs make graphing math problems more FUN! MiniPLOTs STICK FLAT, are Erasable, & Movable
Math Students...Are you frustrated trying to draw the framework for all those X vs Y graphs in your algebra homework? In geometry do you struggle to draw the 3D shapes for homework? If you need to erase any of your work, does your homework become a mess? Here's the solution..... MiniPLOT Graph Paper Templates!

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Students, Teachers and Parents Review MiniPLOTs

"Wow!!! I can't adequately say how much we love miniPLOTs! They're great for homework, note-taking, so convenient and a real time saver. With MiniPLOTs we don't have to draw the X-Y axes and tick marks for each problem or get out the ruler for accuracy. Sure, we can use graph paper, and we have, but then we have to take the time to cut out the graphs and paste them into our notes. Wow! Just wow! Great idea!" SJ-Wisconsin

"My students LOVE their MiniPLOTs and this product has greatly reduced the amount of complaining I used to hear when assigning graph work! MiniPLOTs also help students make more accurate graphs, which leads to more correct answers and more confidence in their math skills. At the middle school level, that is my ultimate goal--help my students feel confident and proficient going into high school next year! Thanks for an amazing product! VP-Ohio

"The MiniPLOTs we purchased were a gift for a high school math teacher. She said this was exactly what she needed for the students in her class" PS-California

"Absolutely love these pads! My son is in 8th grade in a high school level algebra class. The MiniPLOTs make his homework and note taking so easy! Great find. Will order the other levels when it comes time... geometry, etc" JV-Connecticut

"My original items were lost by the Post Office, and I contacted the seller. They responded quickly and sent a replacement immediately. Great seller! JW-Texas

"Love these small sticky backed graphs for my students "JM-Oregon

"I love these MiniPLOT graph papers. They make math in my house much easier and faster. My only complaint is that they don’t stay stuck to the card stock that they come on. so I had to glue them on there so that my daughter could put them in her notebook. I will definitely be buying these again." GD-Indiana


post it note adhesive backed graph paper for geometry post it note sticky backed graph paper for algebra Quadra-PLOT (20 Pads)
Geometry Graphing Kit
Our Price: $15.99
Algebra Graphing Kit
Our Price: $15.99
Quadra-PLOT (20 Pads)
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