We offer a variety of Graph Paper Pads for Math Students, Teachers & Tutors called...MiniPLOTs! They're "Post-it Notes with Intelligence...designed for math!" sm

There's no better place online to find a wide variety of 3" x 3" pads of graph paper templates for solving mathematics equations by hand. This family owned and operated business has been specializing in innovative products to help students and teachers learn mathematics, and save time and tedium since 1995. At www.miniplots.com you will find the best, high resolution designs for completing homework assignments, taking tests, taking notes in class, creating test master copies, grading student homework, and more:

  • Coordinate plane problems in algebra
  • XYZ calculations
  • Volume or surface areas for common 3D solid shapes in geometry
  • Polar coordinate and sine wave equations in trigonometry
  • Normal distribution curves in statistics
  • Multiplication tables in elementary mathematics equations.
Whether you are shopping for your self as a math student, a teacher, a math tutor, or for your child you are sure to find all of the designs you need for every type of mathematics along with big savings.

"Post-it is a registered trademark of 3M"

Statistics Graphing Kit Algebra Graphing Kit Trigonometry Graphing Kit Geometry Graphing Kit Quadra-PLOT I Multipack: 10 Pads Quadra-PLOT I Multipack: 100 Pads
Statistics Graphing Kit
Our Price: $12.99
Algebra Graphing Kit
Our Price: $12.99
Trigonometry Graphing Kit
Our Price: $12.99
Geometry Graphing Kit
Our Price: $12.99