MiniPLOTs® are 3x3 inch adhesive backed graph paper pads with 50 sheets per pad....The perfect size to use for your Homework & Tests!

  • 50 Graph paper templates: per Pad
  • Graph Size: 3x3 inches
  • Uses: Graphing Math Homework, in Tests & Taking Lecture Notes
  • Saves: Time & Tedium
  • Features: Stick FLAT..Erasable & Movable
Math Students...Are you tired and frustrated trying to draw all of those X vs Y graphs for algebra? In geometry do you struggle to draw the solid shapes for your math homework by hand? If you draw a graph or a geometric shape but need to erase your work, does your homework become a mess? Try a MiniPLOT Graph Paper Template!

Our family owned and operated business has been specializing in innovative products to help students and teachers graph mathematical equations since 1995. Whether you're a math student, a math teacher, a tutor, or a parent looking for products that will help your child become proficient in graphing math problems you're sure to find the designs needed for every type of mathematics equation. We also provide a link so students and teachers can download FREE GRAPH PAPER HERE.
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Quadra-PLOT (100 Pads) Quadra-PLOT (10 Pads) Post It Note graph paper for statistics
Quadra-PLOT (100 Pads)
Our Price: $189.95
Quadra-PLOT (10 Pads)
Our Price: $19.95
Statistics Graphing Kit
Our Price: $12.99