MiniPLOTs® 3x3 inch Paper Pads with 50 Adhesive Backed Graph TEMPLATES Printed on Each Sheet....The perfect size for Homework & Tests!

  • 50 Paper Graph Templates: per Pad
  • Graph Size: 3x3 inches
  • Uses: Graphing Math Homework, in Tests & Taking Lecture Notes
  • Saves: Time & Tedium
  • Features: Stick FLAT..Erasable & Movable
Math Students...Are you tired and frustrated trying to draw all of those graphs and geometric shapes for your math homework by hand? If you draw the X-Y axes, the tick marks and need to erase the answer does your graph become a mess?? Try a MiniPLOT Graph Template for math!

Our family owned and operated business has been specializing in innovative products to help students & teachers graph mathematical equations since 1995. Whether you're a math student, a math teacher, a tutor, or a parent looking for products that will help your child become proficient in graphing math problems you're sure to find the designs needed for every type of mathematics equation. We provide a link so students and teachers can download FREE GRAPH PAPER, with many designs for different types of mathematics.
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Quadra-PLOT (100 Pads) Trigonometry Graphing Kit Quadra-PLOT (20 Pads)
Quadra-PLOT (100 Pads)
Our Price: $189.95
Trigonometry Graphing Kit
Our Price: $12.99
Quadra-PLOT (20 Pads)
Our Price: $38.95