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Company Name: Freestone Peach

Company Slogan: "Post-it Notes with Intelligence...Designed for Math"
"Post-It is a registered trademark of 3M"


  • Provide students and teachers with graphing tools that will save them time and tedium
  • Promote the education of mathematics
  • Make graphing math equations more FUN!

Freestone Peach was created in 1995 by an enterprising young college student who was working full time besides trying to complete a college degree. He found that he was spending far too much time completing his algebra homework, primarily because of all the graphing that was required. The student decided that there had to be a better way to graph his math homework without drawing the same framework repeatedly before actually drawing the slope of the equation or completing the rest of the work. Obviously, since a lot of math is done with a pencil, including drawing the X and Y axis and their tick marks, if he made any mistakes and had to erase something on the graph, the paper got very messy.

A light bulb came on and the student made some prototypes of an idea he had for incorporating graphs commonly used in math with 3" x 3" releasable adhesive backed paper pads. He successfully used them for completing his own homework. He also made some extras and handed them out to fellow math students to observe their reactions. From the enthusiasm and excitement that his MiniPLOT® graph paper pads generated when other students first saw them, it was clear that he had struck on a winning idea.

Today, Freestone Peach is privileged to count as our valued customers thousands of schools, school districts, text book publishers, private tutoring companies, bookstores, private and government businesses, state and local math organizations, teachers, tutors and students at all levels of education. Both teachers and students tell us that MiniPLOT® graph paper pads make graphing math equations by hand faster, easier and MORE FUN!

Thank you for your continued support of our MiniPLOT® graph paper products that save time and tedium for math and science students, teachers and tutors.