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Vanishing Tables Teaching Kit (Multiplication & Division Factors) Vanishing Tables Teaching Kit (Multiplication & Division Factors)

The VT-MD Vanishing Tables Teaching Kit was designed for math teachers and tutors to provide an innovative method of teaching students the basic multiplication and division factors in about six weeks.

The kit contains 6 Post-It Note style sticky backed pads with 50 sheets per pad. Starting with the Full Table, each student in the class receives one sheet of that table to study and memorize, concentrating on those factors printed in orange. The period of time the students have to study each table can be adjusted to suit their class by the teacher but generally it's one week.

After one week, the students must return the Full Table to the teacher before they can receive Partial Table 1 to study and memorize THOSE factors in orange. After the second week has passed Partial Table 1 is returned and Partial Table 2 is given to the students, that pattern continuing on with Partial Tables 3, 4 and finally Partial Table 5.

At the end of the sixth week the teacher can make copies of the 2 Assessments included in the kit for each student to evaluate progress.

NOTE: Partial Tables 1-5 have the easiest set of factors that will vanish in the next table printed in orange. Each successive table (Partial Tables 1-5) eliminates the easiest factors first to help students quickly learn the basic combinations.

NOTE: The COMMUTATIVE PROPERTY of multiplication and division tables is used to eliminate duplicate factors first.

NOTE: The Vanishing Tables teaching method can be augmented with Flash Cards.


  • 50 sheets of the FULL Multiplication/Division Table printed on a 3" x 3" pad of Post-It Notes
  • 50 sheets of PARTIAL Tables 1-5 printed on a 3" x 3" pad of Post-It Notes
  • Two Assessments printed on heavy card stock for use in a copy machine
  • An answer key for the 2 Student Assessments printed on a transparency to make grading fast and easy
  • The 6 pads in the Vanishing Tables Teaching Kit are mounted on 8.5 x 11" card stock.
  • The card stock is 3 hole punched for storage in a 3 ring binder.
  • All contents are high resolution graphics printed on white paper which photocopies extremely well.
Post-It is a registered trademark of 3M

Our Price: $19.95